Mr. T.M.T. Thirumalaiswamy, Chairman
Mr.T.M.T. Thirumalaiswamy is the chairman of the company. He is aged 84 years.He hailed from a remote village in Dindugal District. He started his entrepreneurship as early as when he was 16 years. He commenced a small business in scrap trading and with the hard work and sincerity the business grew substantially after which he set up a shop in coimbatore in 1967. He established Kannappan & Co, Kannappan Iron Traders to deal in MS scraps.

With the success of these concerns, he promoted Kannappan Iron and Steel Company Ltd ( KISCOL ) along with his son Mr.T.S.P.Kannappan, his grandson Mr.K.P. Thirumalai Raja in 2000, which has built a very good name in MS Ingot production also. As a Chairman, he is guiding the Managing Direstor and the Board of Directors of KISCOL.
Mr. T.S.P. Kannappan, Managing Director
Mr. T.S.P Kannappan is the Managing Director of Kannapan Iron & Steel Company Private Limited. He is aged 52 years. He is son of Mr. T.M.T.Thirumalaisamy, Chairman of the Company. Right after schooling, he became a promoter Kannappan & Co and Kannappan Iron Traders along with his family members. These concerns entered railway scrap business by participating in the tenders and established very good business in scrap trading.

With success in scrap trading and rich experience in the line for more than two decades he promoted KISCOL in 2005. He is charge of overall management of the company, ably assisted by his son Mr.K.Thirumalai Raja MBA. Mr.T.S.P.Kannappan is the vice President of Steel Iron Scrap Merchant's Association (SISMA) Which is a reputed organization of scrap traders representing their trade with Government. He was also instrumental in developing infrastructure for the association.
Mr.K.P.Thirumalai Raja. MBA, Director
Mr.K.P.Thirumalai Raja is aged 27 years. He is a MBA graduate. He is the son of Mr.T.S.P.Kannappan, Managing Director of the company. Mr.K.P.Thirumalai Raja is actively involved in the day to day affairs of KISCOL, right from incorporation. He has got five years experience in MS Ingot industry. He is actively taking part in production supervision, administration, finance and marketing.

He is now looking after the entire marketing, administration and promotion of its new products, TMT Bars, CTD Rods in the Brand name KISCOL.
  • Higher strength with better elongation.
  • Resistant to Fire Hazards.
  • Excellent ductility.
  • Higher fatigue strength.
  • Easy work ability at site.
  • Better bonding strength.
  • Better Corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent weld ability.